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Apr 24 - 12:55 AM

Danske: Limited Support for EUR/USD Despite Potential Summer Fed Rate Cut

By eFXdata  —  Apr 23 - 04:30 PM


Danske Bank provides insights into the currency market, highlighting a potential undervaluation by the market of the likelihood of a Federal Reserve rate cut this summer. While such a move might temporarily bolster EUR/USD, Danske Bank remains cautious about the long-term prospects for the currency pair, citing broader economic factors that favor a strong USD.

Key Points:

  • Potential Summer Fed Rate Cut: Danske Bank suggests that markets might be underestimating the possibility of a Federal Reserve rate cut during the summer. This oversight could lead to lower U.S. interest rates in the short term, providing a temporary uplift for EUR/USD.

  • Limited Support for EUR/USD: Despite the potential short-term relief from a Fed rate cut, Danske Bank maintains a cautious stance on the EUR/USD pair. The bank predicts only limited support from such a move, with expectations that the pair will trend lower in the long term.

  • Structural Factors Favoring the USD: Danske Bank argues that structural improvements in the U.S. economy—such as gains in productivity, labor force developments, and favorable terms of trade—will continue to support the strength of the USD over a strategic horizon. These factors are likely to exert significant influence on currency dynamics, outweighing the temporary impacts of monetary policy adjustments.

  • Long-Term Outlook for EUR/USD: The long-term forecast for EUR/USD remains bearish according to Danske Bank, with strategic factors expected to keep the USD strong relative to the EUR, despite transient shifts in Fed policy.


While the potential for a summer rate cut by the Federal Reserve could offer brief support to EUR/USD, Danske Bank anticipates that the effect will be limited. Long-term prospects for the currency pair continue to be influenced by structural factors that favor a robust USD.

Danske Research/Market Commentary


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