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Apr 15 - 12:55 PM

ANZ: Maintains Brent Crude Price Target at USD 95/bbl Amid Middle East Tensions

By eFXdata  —  Apr 15 - 10:45 AM


Despite rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East following recent military actions involving Israel, Iran, and Syria, ANZ maintains a short-term price target for Brent crude oil at USD 95 per barrel. The bank argues that an immediate surge in oil prices is unlikely due to ample spare capacity and an already elevated geopolitical risk premium.

Key Points:

  • Geopolitical Developments: Recent escalations include an Israeli strike on Iran’s embassy in Syria and Iran’s retaliatory drone and missile attacks. While these incidents have heightened tensions, ANZ does not anticipate a significant immediate impact on oil prices due to the managed nature of the responses and existing high geopolitical risk assessments.

  • Market Reaction and Risk Assessment: The oil market's initial response to the conflict has been muted, reflecting pre-existing concerns about potential escalations in the region. ANZ suggests that the geopolitical risk premium has been sufficiently priced into current oil valuations.

  • Spare Capacity and OPEC's Role: There is significant spare oil capacity, approximately 6.5 million barrels per day, which can be mobilized quickly if supply disruptions occur. OPEC has reaffirmed its supply policy and extended production cuts until the end of June, providing further stability to oil supply expectations.

  • Price Target Rationale: ANZ’s decision to maintain a USD 95 per barrel price target for Brent crude in the short term (0-3 months) is based on the above factors, coupled with the ongoing global energy market dynamics and the existing cushion of spare capacity.


ANZ's analysis indicates that while geopolitical risks in the Middle East remain a concern, the potential for these to translate into significant crude oil price fluctuations in the near term is limited. The combination of ample spare capacity, pre-emptive pricing of risk premiums, and strategic reserves allows the market some degree of insulation against sudden geopolitical shifts. Investors should therefore consider these dynamics when assessing energy sector investments and market responses.

ANZ Research/Market Commentary


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