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May 07 - 10:55 AM

BofA: Making a Case for Hedging USD Upside Risks for US Corporates in 2024

By eFXdata  —  May 07 - 09:30 AM


Bank of America discusses the growing importance of hedging against USD appreciation risks for US corporations in 2024, highlighting a significant USD rally and potential disruptive market scenarios.

Key Points:

  • USD Strength Impact: Reminiscent of 2022, a more than 3% rally in the USD in 2024 has started to pressure the bottom lines of US corporates, reflecting the impact of a strong home currency on international revenues.
  • Market Signals and Forecasts: Short-term quantitative signals suggest that the USD uptrend against G10 currencies remains intact. However, the path to anticipated USD weakness is increasingly uncertain and complex.
  • Drivers of USD Rally: The rally has so far been supported by robust US economic performance and attractive yield differentials with G10 peers. Yet, there's a risk that the bullish trend could amplify if triggered by risk-off shocks, further boosting demand for the USD as a safe haven.
  • Hedging Recommendations: Given the uncertain outlook and potential for volatility, BofA advises US corporates to consider hedging their exposure to USD appreciation, particularly against the EUR, JPY, CHF, and CAD. This recommendation is based on the current levels of forward premiums and the recent trends in spot currency movements.


As 2024 progresses, US corporations are advised to be vigilant and proactive in managing currency exposure. Hedging strategies against USD appreciation could safeguard against potential disruptions to financial performance, providing stability in a time of currency volatility and market shifts.

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