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Apr 25 - 12:55 PM

Barclays: Month-End Fixing Model Points to Strong USD Buying Signal into this Month's Fix

By eFXdata  —  Apr 25 - 10:45 AM


Barclays' proprietary month-end fixing model forecasts a robust buying signal for the USD against most major currencies as the month concludes, marking a notable shift from the prevailing trends observed since the last significant signal in November.

Key Points:

  • Shift in Trend: This month-end's strong dollar buying signal diverges sharply from the patterns seen year-to-date and represents the first significant indication for dollar strength at month-end since the Federal Reserve's pivot last November.

  • Driving Factors: The change is attributed to the culmination of the global equity rally, which has been influenced by heightened geopolitical risks and rising commodity prices. These factors have contributed to a reevaluation of currency positions, favoring the USD.

  • USD/JPY Specific Outlook: While the general trend indicates strong buying for the USD, the signal for USD/JPY is comparatively weaker. This is due to the underperformance of Japan's Nikkei index, which necessitates some rebalancing towards the JPY, moderating the buying signal for USD against the Japanese yen.

  • Market Implications: The indication of strong USD buying suggests potential volatility and shifts in currency markets as traders and investors adjust their portfolios in response to the changing economic and geopolitical landscape. This could have significant implications for currency trading strategies and international investment flows.


Barclays' analysis points to an imminent shift in currency market dynamics by month-end, with a strong inclination towards the USD buying.

Barclays Research/Market Commentary


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