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May 02 - 10:55 AM

BofA: Anticipating Potential Hawkish Signals at Upcoming RBA Meeting; What's The Tarde?

By eFXdata  —  May 02 - 10:10 AM


Bank of America (BofA) projects a possibly hawkish tone at the Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) May meeting next Tuesday, which could influence Australian Dollar (AUD) valuations positively amidst several economic tailwinds.

Key Points:

  • Context and Expectations: Despite recent reluctance from global central banks, including the Fed, to adopt hawkish tones, BofA suggests that the RBA might surprise markets with a hawkish stance. Such a move would align with the stabilization seen in the Chinese economy and other positive factors affecting Australia.

  • AUD Strength Factors: Several factors could bolster the AUD, such as signs of recovery in China’s economy and property markets, resilience in industrial metal prices, and easing pressures on the Chinese Yuan following interventions by the Bank of Japan.

  • Rate Hike Expectations: Although BofA does not foresee additional rate hikes from the RBA, any unexpected hawkish adjustments in inflation forecasts or forward guidance could significantly support the AUD. The current market pricing indicates modest expectations for rate hikes by November.

  • Currency Strategy: BofA continues to favor long positions in AUD against currencies like the Canadian Dollar (CAD) and the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), citing a year-end target of 0.69 for the AUD.


As the RBA's next meeting approaches, investors are advised to monitor for potential hawkish signals that could influence both local and broader currency markets. With several supportive economic indicators and market conditions, any surprises from the RBA could provide significant momentum for the AUD, particularly in currency pair trades against the CAD and NZD.

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