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Apr 19 - 09:55 AM

ANZ: Cautiously Constructive on GBP Outlook, GBP/USD Capped Near 1.256 N-Term

By eFXdata  —  Apr 19 - 09:03 AM


ANZ provides a nuanced analysis of the GBP/USD pair, expressing a generally constructive outlook for the British pound in the near term, particularly against the EUR and CAD. However, challenges such as a weakening labor market and persistent inflationary pressures are expected to cap potential rallies in GBP/USD around 1.256 in the near term.

Key Points:

  • UK CPI Analysis: Recent UK CPI data exceeded expectations, particularly in the services sector, which saw a slight uptick to 6% year-over-year. This increase, however, was largely driven by sectors like transport and communication within services, and housing, which are sensitive to energy and commodity prices, rather than a broad-based surge in services prices.

  • Impact of Energy Prices: The contribution from higher energy costs underscores the CPI’s rebound, signaling that underlying services-specific price pressures may not be as robust as the headline number suggests.

  • Service Sector Price Pressures: Service PMIs indicate that disinflation in service prices may be stalling, posing potential challenges if this trend continues in future data releases.

  • Labor Market Concerns: The UK labor market is showing signs of strain, with unemployment rising to 4.2%. High wage demands, while inflationary, are also leading to a cautious hiring environment, as reflected in recent PMIs.

  • GBP Outlook: In the short term, ANZ is optimistic about the GBP's performance against the EUR and CAD, attributing this partly to less favorable economic conditions in those regions compared to the UK. However, the firmer USD environment is likely to restrain GBP/USD gains, with ANZ setting a near-term cap for the pair at around 1.256.


While ANZ remains somewhat positive about the British pound's near-term prospects against currencies like the EUR and CAD, expectations for GBP/USD are more restrained due to ongoing economic challenges and a strong USD. Key factors to watch include future service CPI data and labor market trends, which will significantly influence the GBP's trajectory.

ANZ Research/Market Commentary


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