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Apr 04 - 10:55 AM

BofA: Initiating Long EUR/CHF Position

By eFXdata  —  Apr 04 - 09:41 AM


Bank of America (BofA) has strategically entered a six-month at-the-money forward (ATMF) call option on EUR/CHF, banking on further CHF depreciation. This move is influenced by the Swiss National Bank's (SNB) unexpected rate cut, the first among G10 central banks in 2024, which has pivoted market sentiment towards a bearish outlook on the CHF. BofA's decision reflects an anticipation of continued subdued FX market volatility and seeks to exploit favorable carry and low volatility conditions.

Key Points:

  • New Position: BofA adopts a 6-month ATMF call strategy on EUR/CHF, with a strike reference of 0.96538, indicating confidence in EUR/CHF's upward trajectory.

  • Market Dynamics: The unexpected SNB rate cut has set a precedent for potential rate actions by other G10 central banks, impacting FX market trends and positioning.

  • Strategic Rationale: The trade capitalizes on subdued FX volatility and favorable carry, positioning for a bullish EUR/CHF outcome. The trade's breakeven point is marginally above the current spot, suggesting confidence in the EUR/CHF uptrend.

  • Risk Considerations: The primary risk involves the European Central Bank (ECB) potentially cutting rates more aggressively than currently anticipated by the market.


BofA's initiation of a long EUR/CHF position via a 6-month ATMF call reflects a strategic response to recent shifts in G10 central bank policies, particularly the SNB's rate cut. This position underscores a broader market consensus towards CHF bearishness and leverages the current low volatility and favorable carry environment. While acknowledging potential ECB policy risks, BofA's move illustrates a tactical approach to navigating current FX market conditions.

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