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Oct 19 - 10:55 AM

BofA: Unraveling the Rates Sell-off and USD Surge: A Historical Insight

By eFXdata  —  Oct 19 - 09:36 AM


BofA examines the ongoing rates sell-off and the ascendant USD trajectory against the backdrop of historical trends. Core factors, such as long-term yield trends, the present US policy amalgamation, and US exceptionalism, offer clarity on these financial phenomena. But the ensuing path is intrinsically linked to the 'landing' phase and inflation's tenacity during this period. The long-term horizon presents a duality of scenarios, both maintaining a robust USD, albeit at levels lower than the present.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Deciphering the Surge: The unique blend of US monetary and fiscal policies, coupled with US exceptionalism, has been pivotal in the current rates sell-off and the burgeoning USD rally.

  2. The 'Landing' Conundrum: The trajectory of both yields and the USD post-'landing' is heavily contingent on the sticky nature of inflation during this period. Elevated yields and a potent USD are on the cards, even if they drop from their current peaks.

  3. Duality of Long-term Scenarios:

    • US Continues to Shine: A scenario where the US remains an exceptional force while global risk sentiment rallies. This would manifest in a robust USD and high yields, even if they experience a dip.
    • The Globalization Rollback: A scenario marked by a rollback in globalization would dampen global risk sentiment. However, the US, given its economic magnitude and reduced trade reliance, would fare relatively better, maintaining a strong USD and high yields.
  4. The Debt Concern: A potential post-'landing' scene could be unfavorable for the USD, in spite of soaring yields. This would arise from mounting anxieties over the sustainability of US debt, leading to simultaneous yield hikes and a waning USD.


BofA's exploration into the prevailing rates and USD dynamics delves into multiple scenarios, emphasizing the interconnectedness of global and domestic policies, market sentiments, and historical trends. The future of the USD and yields hinges on these multiple facets, making vigilant observation and nimble adaptability paramount for investors.

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