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Oct 31 - 02:55 PM

Morgan Stanley: What to Expect from Tomorrow's FOMC?

By eFXdata  —  Oct 31 - 12:45 PM


Morgan Stanley predicts that the Federal Reserve is likely to maintain the status quo during tomorrow's FOMC meeting, with no adjustments to the funds rate anticipated until at least 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Stable Funds Rate: Morgan Stanley foresees the funds rate remaining unchanged, expecting the Federal Reserve to maintain its current stance for an extended period, potentially into 2024.

  2. Recognition of Economic Momentum: The upcoming FOMC statement is anticipated to acknowledge the recent uptick in economic activities.

  3. Adjustment to Guidance: Given the tightened financial conditions, the FOMC's guidance may reflect a more cautious stance on further tightening. This mirrors the sentiments expressed by Chair Powell in his recent discourse.

  4. Chair Powell's Press Conference: During the press meet, Chair Powell is expected to maintain a balanced perspective, highlighting the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the decision-making process. The tone is likely to echo his recent remarks, stressing the nuanced balance between over-tightening and under-tightening the monetary policy.

  5. Balancing Act: Emphasizing on the complexities and uncertainties that the current economic landscape presents, Powell is likely to highlight the Fed's careful approach to ensure neither an excessive nor an inadequate tightening of the monetary policy.


Morgan Stanley's outlook suggests that the Federal Reserve will maintain a cautious and measured approach during the upcoming FOMC meeting. The emphasis will likely be on acknowledging the current economic strength while also recognizing the challenges and uncertainties, without any immediate plans for rate hikes.

Morgan Stanley Research/Market Commentary


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