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Sep 12 - 10:55 AM

MUFG: PBoC Draws a Line in the Sand to Counter USD/CNY Rally

By eFXdata  —  Sep 12 - 09:30 AM

MUFG discusses the People's Bank of China's (PBoC) firm stance to stem the recent surge in USD/CNY, which reached its highest levels since 2007. The central bank's strongly-worded statement comes as it aims to shore up the renminbi and halt its slide against the U.S. dollar.

Key Points:

  • Strongly-Worded PBoC Statement: After USD/CNY rose to a high of 7.3503 last week, the PBoC responded with a stern message, stating its confidence in keeping the renminbi exchange rate stable.

  • Massive Firepower: With over USD 3 trillion in FX reserves and state banks reportedly holding a USD 1 trillion balance sheet, China has substantial resources to defend the renminbi.

  • Market Reversal: The statement has led to USD/CNY falling back below the 7.3000-level at the start of this week.

  • Future Factors: Sustained rebound for the renminbi would require improved investor sentiment towards China or a fall in U.S. yields if the Federal Reserve cuts rates.

Trading Recommendations:

  • Cautious on CNY: Traders should be wary of taking bearish positions on the renminbi given the PBoC's strong stance and considerable resources.

  • USD Sentiment: The PBoC's actions may limit the USD rally against the CNY, especially if the Fed leans toward rate cuts.


For Traders:
  • Risk Management: Given the PBoC's capabilities and stance, traders should exercise caution and closely monitor developments around the USD/CNY exchange rate.

  • Event Driven: Keep an eye on potential Fed rate decisions and Chinese economic indicators, which could significantly impact the currency pair.

For Policymakers:
  • International Stakes: How the PBoC manages the renminbi could have broader implications for currency markets and economic sentiment.


The PBoC has delivered a clear message against those speculating on a weaker renminbi. The move suggests that China is willing to leverage its substantial financial resources to support its currency. Traders should note this shift in sentiment, which could have significant implications for the USD/CNY exchange rate in the coming period.

MUFG Research/Market Commentary


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