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Apr 09 - 02:55 PM

SocGen: EUR/USD and USD/JPY Dynamics Ahead of US CPI and ECB Meeting

By eFXdata  —  Apr 09 - 01:30 PM


Societe Generale discusses the EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs in light of upcoming economic data and central bank actions. The euro's recent performance, despite bearish market sentiments, has shown resilience, with fluctuations in response to US data releases. The EUR/USD pair's movements have closely followed 2-year yield differentials, yet a breakout in either direction seems necessary for a significant shift in the currency's value. Upcoming US CPI data and the ECB meeting this week could influence these dynamics, particularly with expectations around US rate cuts and potential ECB easing.

Key Points:

  • EUR/USD Resilience: Despite a bearish inclination towards the euro and not extreme positioning, EUR/USD has remained relatively stable, suggesting a solid support level preventing further declines.
  • Impact of Yield Differentials: The 2-year yield differential between the US and the eurozone has guided EUR/USD movements but requires a breakout from its current range to drive a more decisive trend in the currency pair.
  • US CPI Data Anticipation: Resilient US data could further pare back US rate-cut expectations, starting with the upcoming CPI report. This scenario could bolster the USD, especially if the ECB signals more aggressive easing in June and July.
  • USD/JPY Considerations: The yen's position is bolstered by positive carry and favorable rate differentials, despite the BoJ's unclear messaging and Japan's Ministry of Finance's verbal interventions. A significant rise in USD/JPY could influence EUR/USD dynamics, with a weaker yen potentially dragging the euro down.


The week's events, including US CPI data and the ECB meeting, hold the potential to significantly impact EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs. The resilience of the euro amidst bearish sentiment and the pivotal role of yield differentials underscore the importance of forthcoming economic indicators and central bank communications. For EUR/USD to break its current range, a decisive move in yield differentials is needed, while USD/JPY dynamics could be a critical factor for broader currency market trends, particularly in relation to ECB and Fed policy expectations.

Société Générale Research/Market Commentary


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