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Oct 09 - 09:55 AM

MUFG: USD Gains Traction Amid Middle East Tensions

By eFXdata  —  Oct 09 - 08:41 AM

Synopsis: The escalating geopolitical tensions in the Middle East have rendered a modest yet discernible influence on the foreign exchange market, primarily favoring safe-haven currencies like the US dollar, Swiss franc, and yen.

Key Highlights:

1. Movement of Safe-Haven Currencies:

  • The recent flare-up between Hamas and Israel has prompted a tilt towards traditional safe-haven currencies.
  • The US dollar index, which had recently dipped towards the 106.00-level, experienced a rebound, distancing itself from Friday's dip but still short of last week's peak of 107.35.

2. Oil Market Dynamics:

  • The Middle East conflict's most pronounced impact has been observed in the oil market.
  • Brent crude's price escalated to USD89/barrel after a previous decline that saw it touch USD83.44/barrel on Friday.
  • This oil market movement comes in the wake of a substantial sell-off in the month's early days, which had seen Brent crude peak at USD97.69/barrel on 28th September.

3. USD Outlook Amid Geopolitical Unrest:

  • The recent events in the Middle East, especially the unrest surrounding Gaza, have proven to be a boon for the US dollar in the short run.
  • For the foreign exchange market to experience a significant jolt, the conflict would need to escalate considerably.

Closing Thoughts: MUFG suggests that while the Middle East conflict's current impact on the forex market remains relatively subdued, any substantial escalation could further bolster the USD's position.

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