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Sep 15 - 02:55 PM

BofA Foresees the End of the Hike Roadmap for G10 Central Banks: What to Expect in the Coming Months

By eFXdata  —  Sep 15 - 01:30 PM

Bank of America presents an intriguing perspective on the rate-hiking landscape of the G10 central banks. The bank's latest analysis foresees a halt in rate hikes by the end of this year for all G10 central banks, except the Bank of Japan, which is expected to start its tightening cycle next year.

Key Points:

  • End of the Road: Bank of America expects most G10 central banks to finish their rate-hiking cycles by the end of this year, with the BoJ being the outlier that is projected to begin tightening in 2022.

  • Final Hikes: One last rate hike is expected from the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and the Swiss National Bank this month. Norway's Norges Bank is predicted to implement two more hikes in September and November.

  • Data-Dependent Decisions: None of the central banks are expected to openly signal a pause in rate hikes. Their policy stances will remain contingent on future economic indicators, especially inflation.


For Forex Traders:

Currency Strategy: Given the expected halt in rate hikes among the G10 central banks, traders may find it useful to reconsider their strategies around currencies linked to these central banks. Ensure that you manage your risks in this evolving landscape.

For Investors:

Investment Implications: The expected pause in rate hikes suggests a more stable interest rate environment, at least in the short term. Investors may need to adjust their portfolios accordingly, particularly if they hold assets sensitive to interest rate changes.

For Economists:

Monetary Policy Implications: The divergence in monetary policy among the G10 central banks, coupled with their data-dependent decision-making, could lead to interesting dynamics in 2024. It's vital to monitor how these decisions might affect economic performance and inflation rates in the respective countries.

The Takeaway:

Bank of America's forecast of a near-end to the rate-hiking cycles of the G10 central banks offers valuable insights for forex traders, investors, and economists alike. As all eyes turn to the next policy meetings, understanding this roadmap could be key to navigating the financial markets in the coming months

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