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Sep 18 - 10:55 AM

SocGen: Scope for GBP/USD to Drop to 1.20 Post-BoE Meeting

By eFXdata  —  Sep 18 - 09:30 AM

Société Générale (SocGen) offers a contrarian view on the influence of central banks over currency movements, suggesting that other factors like growth outlook may be more critical. The bank believes that despite this week's upcoming Bank of England (BoE) meeting, GBP/USD could be aiming for the 1.20 mark.

Key Points:

  • Shifting Importance: According to SocGen, central banks aren't the dominant forces they were six months ago in shaping currency outlooks.

  • Growth Outlook Matters: The bank believes that the long end of the yield curve and economic growth have become more significant determinants than policy rates.

  • GBP/USD Target: SocGen forecasts the GBP/USD pair could head towards the 1.20 level, irrespective of the BoE's moves.


For Forex Traders:

Currency Strategy: Traders should be cautious when trading GBP/USD, as SocGen's outlook suggests that a dip to the 1.20 level is plausible, despite any action from the BoE.

For Investors:

Investment Implications: A move towards 1.20 in GBP/USD could signify broader economic concerns that might also affect investments in UK assets.

For Economists:

Monetary Policy Implications: The diminishing influence of central banks, according to SocGen, warrants a re-evaluation of how monetary policy affects currencies. Future CPI and retail sales data should also be closely watched.

The Takeaway:

SocGen posits a unique viewpoint, asserting that central banks like the BoE may not wield as much influence over currency pairs like GBP/USD as they used to. Their prediction of the pair hitting the 1.20 level in the near term signifies a shift in the factors affecting currency movements, an important consideration for traders, investors, and economists.

Société Générale Research/Market Commentary


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