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Feb 09 - 02:55 PM

Credit Agricole: Shifting to a Neutral Stance on the USD; Here is Why?

By eFXdata  —  Feb 09 - 01:30 PM


Credit Agricole revises its outlook on the US Dollar to a more neutral stance after maintaining a constructive view since the beginning of the year. The bank outlines three key reasons for its initial bullish outlook: overly dovish market expectations for the Federal Reserve, especially relative to the European Central Bank (ECB); a pessimistic view on the US economy compared to Europe and Asia; and underestimation of the US Dollar's unique role as a high-yielding safe haven.

Key Points:

  • Fed Expectations Alignment: The market's reevaluation of the Federal Reserve's rate cuts to align more closely with Credit Agricole's summer easing cycle prediction contributes to the shift towards a neutral USD outlook.

  • Economic Outlook Misjudgment: Initially, the market underestimated the resilience of the US economy, contributing to an overly bearish stance on the USD. Credit Agricole's more bullish view was based on this misjudgment.

  • USD's Safe Haven and Yield Appeal: The bank emphasized the US Dollar's performance under varying market conditions due to its status as a high-yielding safe haven, which was overlooked by market participants.


After observing a recent USD rebound that aligns more closely with its Q1 forecasts, Credit Agricole transitions to a neutral stance on the US Dollar. This shift acknowledges the market's adjusted expectations for the Federal Reserve's rate cuts and a more balanced view on the US economy's performance relative to global counterparts. The bank highlights the importance of recognizing the USD's dual appeal as both a safe haven and a high-yield currency in shaping forex strategies.

Crédit Agricole Research/Market Commentary


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