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Apr 05 - 09:55 AM

CIBC: Analysis of US and Canada Jobs Reports; Contrasting Trajectories

By eFXdata  —  Apr 05 - 08:56 AM


CIBC provides an analysis of the recent jobs reports from the US and Canada, highlighting a robust job market in the US with employment figures surpassing expectations, while Canada shows signs of a weakening labor market with unexpected employment declines and a sharp rise in the unemployment rate.

Key Points:

  • US Jobs Market Strength: The US employment report for March exceeded consensus expectations, with a 303K increase in employment and a slight reduction in the unemployment rate to 3.8%. The report suggests that immigration and mild weather may have contributed to the job market's strength. Additionally, wage growth remained steady, underscoring a robust labor market that supports the Federal Reserve's stance on economic growth driven by an increase in labor supply.

  • Canada's Labor Market Weakness: Contrarily, Canada's labor market showed signs of strain with a marginal decline in employment and a significant jump in the unemployment rate to 6.1%. The report indicates consumer spending sluggishness affecting hiring plans, particularly in accommodation, food services, and retail sectors. The data suggests an economic softening that could prompt the Bank of Canada to consider interest rate cuts sooner than anticipated.


The contrasting jobs reports from the US and Canada underline different economic trajectories in the two countries. While the US labor market exhibits resilience, potentially delaying Fed rate cuts, Canada's labor market challenges highlight emerging economic vulnerabilities, likely influencing the Bank of Canada's policy decisions. The divergent trends emphasize the complex dynamics at play in North American economies, with immigration playing a crucial role in shaping labor market outcomes in the US, and consumer spending trends impacting employment in Canada.

CIBC Research/Market Commentary


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