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May 30 - 09:55 AM

SocGen: Major Currencies may Stuck in a Narrow Range for Months to Come

By eFXdata  —  May 30 - 08:35 AM


Societe Generale analyzes the current dynamics influencing major currencies, explaining why they expect them to remain within a narrow trading range for the foreseeable future. The discussion centers on interest rate differentials, investment flows, and historical currency patterns.

Key Points:

  • Rate Differentials and Investment Flows: Despite expectations that carry trades would become less attractive with the Fed easing in 2024, the significant yield differentials, especially between the US and Japan, continue to drive money flows out of economies with lower interest rates. This supports the dominance of carry trades.
  • Equity Market Influence: European investors continue to be attracted to the US equity market, reinforcing the flow of capital into dollar-denominated assets.
  • Historical Context and Currency Dynamics: Drawing parallels with 1984, when the Bundesbank's daily interventions could not stop the dollar's rise until significant rate cuts by the Fed, SocGen suggests a similar scenario might unfold if rate cuts do not occur soon.
  • Forecast for Narrow Trading Ranges: Given that a rate cut is not anticipated until Q1 2025 and the dollar's high valuation, SocGen predicts that major currencies may be confined within a narrow range for several months before any significant directional movement.


SocGen advises caution and strategic patience for currency traders and investors, suggesting that major currencies are likely to remain range-bound due to persistent carry dynamics and delayed rate adjustments by central banks. This environment presents both challenges and opportunities in currency markets.

Société Générale Research/Market Commentary


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