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Oct 24 - 09:55 AM

Danske: Near-Term Upswing Potential for EUR/USD Targeting 1.08, Despite Long-Term Bearish Forecast Set at 1.03

By eFXdata  —  Oct 24 - 08:57 AM

Synopsis: Danske presents a nuanced perspective on the EUR/USD trajectory, acknowledging potential short-term tailwinds that could propel the pair towards 1.08 in a month. This contrasts with their strategic long-term bearish outlook, reinforced by disparities in terms of trade, growth prospects, and labor costs, justifying a 12-month target of 1.03. The current landscape, shaped by underwhelming US data following a period of economic buoyancy, hints at an imminent, albeit temporary, EUR/USD strength.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Long-Term Bearish Outlook: Danske reaffirms their long-term bearish stance on EUR/USD, setting a 12-month target at 1.03. This viewpoint is anchored in the comparative analysis of terms of trade, real growth rates, and relative unit labor costs between the regions, all favoring the USD.

  • Short-Term Recovery Anticipated: Despite the broader pessimistic view, the bank forecasts a near-term bounce for EUR/USD, potentially hitting 1.08 within a month. This prediction stems from recent US economic data, which suggests a cooling down after a streak of overperformance, coupled with early signs of revival in the beleaguered manufacturing sector.

  • China's Economic Sentiment Plays a Role: A perceived abatement in negative economic sentiment surrounding China could contribute to short-term EUR strength. Any stabilization in China's economic narrative may relieve some downward pressure on the EUR, considering China's role in the global economic ecosystem.

  • Geopolitical Uncertainties Loom: While there are signs of a temporary EUR/USD uptick, escalating geopolitical tensions worldwide present a wild card that could thwart financial markets and currency trajectories. The EUR's path could be particularly susceptible to these developments.

Conclusion: Danske's analysis highlights a complex outlook for the EUR/USD, balancing short-term recovery prospects against a fundamentally bearish long-term view. The bank anticipates near-term uplift for the EUR, driven by faltering momentum in US economic indicators and mitigating pessimism surrounding China. However, the overarching forecast remains bearish, targeting a 1.03 level for EUR/USD in 12 months, grounded in deeper economic metrics and global uncertainties. This dichotomy underscores the necessity for investors to navigate with caution, considering both immediate opportunities and longer-range economic trends.

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