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Aug 03 - 02:55 PM

Credit Agricole: Continued Bullish Outlook on CHF Amid Divergent Rate Movements

By eFXdata  —  Aug 03 - 01:30 PM

Credit Agricole presents an analysis detailing the Swiss Franc's (CHF) performance trajectory, emphasizing the distinct factors that have contributed to its resilience. Despite outperforming major FX counterparts in July, CHF's momentum appears to have slackened this month. The bank delineates how factors, including Switzerland's contrasting interest rate dynamic with other developed markets, are influencing the CHF's stance.

Key Points:

  1. CHF's Current Stance: After leading the race among FX majors in July, CHF's rally has decelerated this month. A surge in long-dated UST yields might have overshadowed the prevalent risk-averse sentiment in equity markets, pushing the interest rate differential between Switzerland and other developed markets to the forefront.

  2. Rate Dynamics: Unlike many of its counterparts, CHF rates have plateaued in neutral territory. Even the potential of a final 25bp rate hike would barely make a dent in this overarching scenario. Such a divergence owes itself to subdued inflationary pressures domestically, evident from Switzerland's Consumer Price Index (CPI) reverting to its sub-2% target in June.

  3. Swiss Monetary Stance: Given the domestic inflation landscape, Swiss money markets could persistently project a slight hawkish lean from the Swiss National Bank (SNB). This stance will likely sustain CHF's real short rates attractiveness when juxtaposed with other European currencies. Furthermore, the inclination towards a robust currency as an instrument to control imported inflation is poised to remain until the SNB officially claims success in its inflation-targeting endeavor.


Credit Agricole remains optimistic about the Swiss Franc's prospects. They highlight the unique position the CHF holds, influenced by Switzerland's distinct interest rate dynamics and domestic inflationary trends. While the bank acknowledges the challenges in garnering additional gains in the immediate future, they remain bullish on the CHF's potential in the longer run.

Crédit Agricole Research/Market Commentary


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