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Oct 09 - 10:55 AM

Credit Agricole: AUD/USD Faces Turbulence Amid Middle East Unrest - A Deep Dive

By eFXdata  —  Oct 09 - 09:31 AM

Synopsis: Amid the mounting geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, Credit Agricole delves into the intertwined implications for AUD/USD. With both advantages and pitfalls arising from the ongoing situation, the overarching sentiment leans towards potential headwinds for the currency pair.



  1. Oil-Induced Inflation: Escalating oil prices could amplify inflationary pressures. The US might respond by sustaining elevated interest rates, further widening the yield disparity between the US and Australia.

  2. Safe-Haven Currency Tilt: Investors are veering towards traditionally safer currencies such as the USD, CHF, and JPY, reducing the allure of the AUD.


  1. Australia's Energy Exports: Australia's significant role in energy exports, especially LNG and coal, could benefit from rising oil prices, leading to a positive terms of trade shift for the AUD.

Yet, the bank highlights that this advantage might be limited. The focal point of the Middle East conflict is oil, which Australia doesn't primarily export.

Potential for Broader Conflict: The current Israel-Palestine standoff might just be the tip of the iceberg. A broader confrontation, particularly involving Iran, a key player in oil and gas exports, could be pivotal for the AUD's trajectory.

Conclusion: While the Middle East tensions offer a complex set of outcomes for AUD/USD, the prevailing sentiment, as outlined by Credit Agricole, suggests potential challenges ahead for the currency pair.

Crédit Agricole Research/Market Commentary


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