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Jan 30 - 02:55 PM

BofA: Potential USD Rally or Selloff Triggers at January FOMC Statement

By eFXdata  —  Jan 30 - 12:45 PM


Bank of America (BofA) discusses the potential outcomes of the upcoming January FOMC statement and how it could impact the USD, considering the current market expectations for the Federal Reserve's monetary policy direction.

Key Insights:

  1. January FOMC as a Preparatory Step:

    • The FOMC meeting is viewed as a placeholder before the significant March meeting, with expectations that the Fed will start a gradual easing process in March, cutting rates quarterly to a terminal rate of 3%.
  2. Attention on Policy Bias and Language:

    • Markets are keenly observing the language used in the statement, especially regarding any bias towards the March meeting. The current statement's language, which hints at additional policy firming, is anticipated to be updated to reflect a more neutral stance.
  3. Scenarios Impacting USD Movement:

    • A shift to a more neutral or slightly dovish tone, which would align with current market expectations, might lead to short-lived USD depreciation.
    • Retaining the current language or adjusting it to diminish the likelihood of a March rate cut would be unexpectedly hawkish, potentially triggering a USD rally.
  4. Market Reactions to FOMC Language:

    • The market reaction and subsequent USD movement will largely depend on how the FOMC statement aligns with or deviates from the prevailing market expectations for a March rate cut.


BofA highlights the sensitivity of the USD to the FOMC's language and policy bias in its upcoming statement. A deviation from market expectations, either towards a more hawkish stance or a clear dovish tilt, could lead to significant USD movements. The market's focus on the possibility of a March rate cut makes the FOMC's choice of words particularly influential in shaping short-term USD trends.

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