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Sep 15 - 10:55 AM

Danske's Insight: What to Expect from Next Week's Crucial FOMC Meeting and How It Will Shape EUR/USD

By eFXdata  —  Sep 15 - 09:30 AM

With eyes fixed on the upcoming FOMC meeting next week, Danske Bank provides its take on how the Federal Reserve's decisions will influence the EUR/USD currency pair. The bank foresees a stable rate scenario for the near term and delves into the 'dot plot' to gauge the future trajectory of interest rates.

Key Highlights:

  • Status Quo Expected: Danske anticipates that the Fed will keep interest rates unchanged at the upcoming meeting, consistent with market expectations.

  • Powell's Balancing Act: Fed Chair Jerome Powell is likely to maintain a balanced tone, acknowledging some positive economic signals while cautioning that the battle against inflation is far from won.

  • Dot Plot Drama: Markets are keen to see if the FOMC alters its stance on future rate hikes. A shift from the existing 'dots' could trigger market volatility.


  • EUR/USD Outlook: With most of the voter views on interest rates still murky, Danske holds to its 6- and 12-month targets for EUR/USD at 1.06 and 1.03, respectively.

  • Long-Term Treasury Yields: The bank foresees a decline in long-term U.S. Treasury yields to around 4% by year-end, as the market progressively prices out the likelihood of further rate hikes.

Why This Matters:

For Forex Traders:
  • Stay Alert: Given the potential for market volatility around the meeting, traders should be on high alert and be prepared for sudden shifts in currency values.
For Investors:
  • Growth and Inflation: The Federal Reserve's take on these indicators could have a ripple effect on other financial markets and assets.
For Economists:
  • Policy Directions: A deep dive into the 'dot plot' and Powell’s language could provide clues on where monetary policy might be headed, offering valuable insights for policy analysis.


While Danske does not foresee any immediate changes in Federal Reserve policy, the bank warns that the FOMC meeting could still offer surprises. As such, it remains vital for market participants to stay vigilant and adjust strategies based on new information that comes to light.

Danske Research/Market Commentary


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