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May 01 - 06:55 PM

CIBC: Jay-P's Data State of Mind

By eFXdata  —  May 01 - 04:39 PM


Following the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in May, CIBC provides insights into Chair Jerome Powell’s remarks and the Fed's current stance on monetary policy. The central bank maintained interest rates and adjusted the pace of its balance sheet reduction, reflecting a data-dependent and patient approach amid mixed economic signals.

Key Points:

  • Policy Decisions: The FOMC held interest rates steady and announced a slowdown in the balance sheet runoff starting in June, with Treasury securities runoff reducing to $25 billion from $60 billion, while maintaining the mortgage-backed securities cap at $35 billion.

  • Inflation and Economic Outlook: Powell acknowledged the lack of progress on inflation in some areas but balanced this with recognition of advancements already made. He indicated that the recent high inflation readings might be temporary, maintaining a cautious optimism about the potential for rate cuts later this year.

  • Policy and Economic Slack: Powell reiterated that the existing policy might become sufficiently restrictive over time and highlighted that the U.S. economy's response to interest rate changes has weakened over the years. The Fed continues to monitor the relationship between economic slack and inflation closely, requiring more evidence of genuine overheating and its impact on prices before adjusting policy significantly.

  • Fed’s Patience and Data Dependence: The Fed Chair emphasized a patient approach, influenced by recent economic data showing a mixed picture of inflation trends. Powell's comments reflected a reluctance to shift quickly from the established narrative, despite a series of less favorable inflation reports in the last three months.

  • Labor Market and Inflation Threshold: Powell discussed the progress in moderating labor market dynamics and wage growth. He pointed out that while bringing inflation back to the 2% target remains crucial, the Fed does not have a strict timeline, aiming to avoid undue disruption in the labor market, especially now that inflation has dropped below 3%.


The May FOMC meeting underscored the Fed's cautious and methodical approach to monetary policy in the face of uncertain economic conditions. Chair Powell’s comments highlighted a balanced perspective on current economic challenges, with a focus on being responsive to incoming data rather than preemptive.

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