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Feb 05 - 09:55 AM

Goldman Sachs: A Shift in Market Dynamics: USD Stronger for Longer

By eFXdata  —  Feb 05 - 09:08 AM


Goldman Sachs highlights a shift in market dynamics, bolstering the outlook for a stronger USD in the near term. The reassessment follows comments from Fed Chair Powell, who downplayed the likelihood of a March rate cut, coupled with an unexpectedly robust payrolls report. These developments underscore the resilience of the US economy and suggest a challenging environment for significant USD depreciation.

Key Insights:

  • Fed's Stance Shift: Chair Powell's remarks at the recent FOMC meeting, indicating a March rate cut is not the base case, marked a pivotal moment, aligning market expectations more closely with the Fed's cautious approach to policy easing.

  • US Labor Market Strength: The latest payrolls data, significantly surpassing expectations, serves as a compelling testament to the US economy's robustness, reinforcing the case for sustained USD strength.

  • Dollar's Dominant Role: The events of the past week affirm the central role of the Dollar in the global financial landscape, with US economic outperformance acting as a key driver of currency trends.


Goldman Sachs revises its outlook on the USD, predicting a prolonged period of strength driven by recent shifts in Fed communication and exceptional US labor market performance. This analysis suggests that, despite anticipations of policy easing, the Dollar's dominance is likely to continue, supported by the US's leading growth trajectory. Investors are advised to recalibrate their expectations in light of these developments, recognizing the enduring influence of the US economy on global currency dynamics.

Goldman Sachs Research/Market Commentary


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