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Aug 10 - 12:55 PM

Goldman Sachs: Three Pillars Support 'Shallow Dollar Depreciation' View

By eFXdata  —  Aug 10 - 10:45 AM

Goldman Sachs outlines its view on the U.S. Dollar, focusing on three key factors that support the notion of a 'Shallow Dollar Depreciation.' These elements have been prominently displayed in recent market dynamics.

Key Points:

  • US Growth Resilience: The ongoing robustness of the U.S. economy forms one of the primary pillars. Despite challenges, the U.S. continues to exhibit strong growth, a critical factor in the overall currency outlook.

  • Limited Foreign Monetary Policy Support: Goldman Sachs notes that limited support from foreign central banks and monetary policy measures also plays a role in the dollar's depreciation. Other currencies lack strong backing, thereby enhancing the dollar's appeal.

  • Weak Capital Return Prospects in the ‘Challengers’: The investment bank highlights the subpar capital return prospects in other currencies, labeling them as ‘challengers.’ This situation further bolsters the relative attractiveness of the dollar.

  • ‘Goldilocks’ Balance and Risks: The recent dollar movements are seen as a reflection of an uneasy balance between solid economic activity, high fiscal spending, and softer inflation expectations. Goldman Sachs posits that the risk to this balance leans more towards things running 'too hot' than 'too cold,' influencing their view on the dollar.

  • Expectation of ‘Stickier’ Dollar: Despite progress towards a more balanced scenario, Goldman believes that yields and the dollar will be more resilient or ‘stickier’ than what is commonly anticipated.


Goldman Sachs' perspective on 'Shallow Dollar Depreciation' is underlined by three primary factors: the resilience of U.S. growth, the lack of strong monetary policy support elsewhere, and the unattractive capital returns in other currencies. The nuanced balance between growth, spending, and inflation also contributes to their view. Overall, they foresee the dollar maintaining a level of stability that contradicts some common expectations, largely due to the interplay of these critical elements. Investors and market participants may find this analysis valuable as they navigate the complex landscape of global currency movements.

Goldman Sachs Research/Market Commentary


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