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Jan 03 - 10:55 AM

Credit Agricole: Navigating the Near-Term Dynamics of the US Dollar

By eFXdata  —  Jan 03 - 09:36 AM


Credit Agricole offers an analysis of the recent performance of the US Dollar (USD) and provides insights into its potential trajectory in the near term. The analysis takes into account the current market pricing of Federal Reserve rate cuts and the potential influence of geopolitical tensions and upcoming economic data.

Key Insights:

  1. USD's Recent Challenges and Stabilization:

    • The USD had a difficult December but has seen some stabilization at the start of 2024.
    • This trend indicates a potential shift in the currency's recent trajectory.
  2. Prospects for Near-Term Consolidation:

    • There's a possibility for the USD to continue its consolidation in the short term.
    • This outlook is shaped by the likelihood of rate investors reevaluating their expectations for aggressive Federal Reserve rate cuts.
  3. Geopolitical Tensions' Impact:

    • Increasing geopolitical tensions could affect the USD, potentially leading to an increase in its value if global risk aversion intensifies.
  4. Market Expectations for Fed Rate Cuts:

    • Markets are currently pricing in approximately six Federal Reserve rate cuts for the year, suggesting a significant amount of negative sentiment is already reflected in the USD’s value.
  5. Potential for USD Recovery:

    • The analysis points to a potential recovery of the USD, especially if US economic data doesn't disappoint and the Federal Reserve doesn't deliver dovish signals.


Credit Agricole's analysis suggests that the USD is at a juncture where it could regain some of its recent losses, driven by market reassessments, geopolitical developments, and key economic indicators. The short-term trajectory of the USD appears to hinge on these factors, with a potential for further consolidation or recovery depending on upcoming developments. This perspective highlights the complex interplay of market expectations, geopolitical risks, and economic data in shaping currency movements.

Crédit Agricole Research/Market Commentary


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