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Jan 24 - 09:55 AM

BofA: EUR/USD Outlook Ahead of ECB January Policy Decision

By eFXdata  —  Jan 24 - 09:14 AM


Bank of America (BofA) provides insights into the potential impact of the upcoming European Central Bank (ECB) policy meeting on EUR/USD, highlighting the significance of market expectations, wage and profit trends, and broader economic factors.

Key Insights:

  1. ECB Meeting Expectations:

    • BofA anticipates no policy changes or major communication shifts in the ECB meeting. However, they expect additional pushback against market expectations for early rate cuts, viewing these expectations as a risk to inflation stabilization.
  2. Wage and Profit Considerations:

    • Wage and profit developments are crucial for the ECB's decision-making process, particularly regarding the timing and pace of rate cuts.
  3. EUR/USD Reaction Scenarios:

    • If the ECB defers rate cuts to June, as BofA predicts, and the Fed cuts rates in March, EUR/USD might find some support. However, the extent of Fed cuts and overall risk sentiment will play a more significant role in determining EUR/USD dynamics.
  4. Broader Factors Influencing EUR/USD:

    • US economic data, Fed policies, energy prices, geopolitical developments, and general market risk sentiment are deemed more influential for EUR/USD than the upcoming ECB meeting.
  5. Potential for Positive EUR Risks:

    • While the ECB meeting might present some positive risks for the Euro, BofA cautions that this is not a new message and may not lead to a sustained impact on the currency.


BofA's analysis suggests that while the ECB's January policy decision is noteworthy, its influence on EUR/USD will likely be overshadowed by broader economic factors, particularly those related to the U.S. and global risk sentiment. Consequently, while there may be some immediate reactions to the ECB's stance, longer-term EUR/USD trends will depend more on developments outside the ECB's direct influence.

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