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Oct 23 - 06:55 PM

BNPP: Surging Energy Prices Pose Near-Term Risks to EUR, Prompting Revision of EUR/USD Forecasts

By eFXdata  —  Oct 23 - 03:00 PM

Synopsis: Bolstered by the unforeseen ascent in energy prices, BNPP perceives an imminent threat to the EUR in the near term, primarily due to the deteriorating terms of trade. This development has necessitated a reevaluation of the EUR/USD projections for the year-end, though the medium-term outlook maintains a semblance of optimism, hinged on the anticipated contraction in the USD-EUR interest rate differential and enduring structural factors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energy Prices Clouding EUR Prospects: The escalation in energy costs, particularly evident in recent supply-induced shocks, is casting a shadow over the EUR. The resultant adverse terms of trade, detailed in BNPP's recent 'Global Macro: Crude reality' report, are central to this concern, leading to immediate downward pressure on the currency.

  • Revised Forecasts for EUR/USD: In light of the energy market's volatility, BNPP has adjusted its year-end EUR/USD forecast from 1.10 to a more conservative 1.07. This revision acknowledges the tangible impact of the ongoing energy crisis on broader economic parameters influencing currency valuation.

  • Medium-Term Outlook Holds Resilience: Despite near-term headwinds, BNPP remains steadfast in its medium-term projection for the EUR. Anchoring this view is the expected diminution in the USD-EUR rate differential, a pivotal factor likely to catalyze the EUR's ascent in the coming years. Structural elements of the Eurozone economy also contribute to this positive outlook.

  • End-2024 Target Stays Unchanged: Looking further ahead, the bank's end-2024 target for EUR/USD persists at 1.15. This stability in forecasting, amidst prevailing uncertainties, underscores confidence in the currency's potential to navigate through short-term turbulences, backed by fundamental economic strengths and anticipated market realignments.

Conclusion: BNPP's analysis presents a landscape of contrast for the EUR, with burgeoning energy prices imposing near-term vulnerabilities, necessitating a downward revision in the EUR/USD forecast for year-end. Nonetheless, the medium and long-term anticipations showcase resilience, supported by projections of rate differentials and structural economic tenets. The dichotomy in outlooks emphasizes the necessity for investors to tread with caution, balancing immediate market realities with future expectations.

BNP Paribas Research/Market Commentary


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